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What does BCM Call Logger do?

BCM Call Logger processes Call Detail Recording (CDR) log files from Nortel / Avaya Business Communications Manager telephone systems. The resulting information is stored in a database which can then be queried to run reports showing what calls have been made or received.

Running BCM Call Logger

For full details on installing and running BCM Call Logger download the BCM Call Logger User Guide (PDF format). A copy of the User Guide is also included as part of the demo download.

BCM Call Logger can be run on any standard Windows PC with the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. The installation machine also needs to have access to a folder which contains BCM Call Detail Recording log files (see the 'How do I get log files from my BCM system to process?' section below for more details).

Purchasing BCM Call Logger

BCM Call Logger is not free software. We offer a 30 day evaluation period to ensure suitability for your purpose. During this time a 'nag' screen will be displayed when the software is run, and all reports will bear a demo watermark. Once the 30 day period has expired the software will not function until purchased.

Once you have purchased BCM Call Logger you will be automatically emailed licence information must be entered into the software. To do this, start BCM Call Logger and go to the 'Setting' tab. Click the 'Change licence details' button, enter your licence information in the fields we've circled in red and then click the 'Update licence details' button. If the licence details are accepted this will then unlock all demo restrictions.

Having trouble registering BCM Call Logger?

If you have purchased a key for BCM Call Logger but the "Update licence details" button is not highlighting when your details are entered, there's one of two things that can be wrong:

  • You haven't entered your details correctly. In order to register, your licence and licence code details need to be entered exactly as they are in the registration email. We recommend you copy and paste these into the window.
  • You're using an older version of BCM Call Logger. You can see which version you're using by looking in the Help | About section of the program. Download the latest version and try again.

How do I get log files from my BCM system to process?

There are two main methods for retrieving log files from BCM telephone systems - CDR Pull and CDR Push. We have written a blog post which details the steps required to use both methods.

Both methods have their advantages and dis-advantages. If you decide you wish to use the CDR Pull method to retrieve log files we have written a free utility to fetch log files from a BCM using the CDR Pull method. The utility will automatically fetch all new call logs since the last time the utility was run (when run for the first time all log files since CDR Pull was enabled on the BCM will be downloaded)

Can I use BCM Call Logger with SQL Server or MySql?

Starting with version 1.3.1 we now support SQL Server or MySql databases as a storage backend for your processed log data. Instructions on how to set up and use alternative databases can be found in the User Guide.

WARNING. Be sure you know what you are doing before you try to use any Advanced database settings with BCM Call Logger. If you are not careful you can render your BCM Call Logger installation unusable. Registered users can email for help and advice.

NB. If you are trying to use BCM Call Logger with SQL Server and are getting an error relating to the 'SQLNCLI' provider not being registered please ensure you have installed the latest SQL Native Client drivers and that you have used the correct provider name in your connection string. Unfortunately the provider name varies depending on the version of the SQL Native Client drivers installed - for SQL 2005 the provider name is SQLNCLI, for SQL 2008 it is SQLNCLI10, for SQL 2008 R2 the provider name is SQLNCLI10.1 and for SQL 2012 the provider name is SQLNCLI11. See the User Guide for further details.

I'd like to suggest a new feature. How can I do that?

and we'll do our best to fulfil your wishes. Acting on requests from users we have already implemented a number of features including:

  • CDR Pull support (using our separate free utility)
  • Support for non English call detail recording log files (we currently support English, Dutch and French log files)
  • Ability to override the default date format when running BCM Call Logger as a scheduled task to automatically process log files

Further reading

If you're struggling to do something particularly complicated with your BCM call logs, the following resources might help:

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BCM Call Logger is produced by Reincubate Ltd., a company based in London, England. We've been helping people process call logs since 2009.

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Also, if you have call logs from a BCM system in a language other than English, French or Dutch then we'd love to add support for other languages. All you need to do is send us a log file (or files) including a reasonable number of incoming and outgoing calls in Norstar All format. Thanks!